What can you invest in?

We've established a fund to provide our investors with a simple investment platform to generate regular earnings.


Oliver Hume Australia Foundation Fund (Series 6)


8.5% Income return per annum target*

This fund is available for sophisticated and professional investors including Self Managed Superannuation Funds and trusts. The funds raised are mainly lent to property development projects managed by Oliver Hume Property Funds Group. Projects are identified and assessed by our Investment Review Committee, with members experienced in real estate, property development, finance and accounting.


Income stream from Oliver Hume Australia Foundation Fund (Series 6)


The chart below shows an example of the distribution payments on a $50,000 investment in the Oliver Hume Australia Foundation Fund (Series 6) for a three year term at the targeted income return of 8.5% per annum.


Series 6 income stream


This offer is for the issue of units with a targeted return of 8.5% per annum. Funds raised under this Offer are primarily lent to Oliver Hume Property Funds Group’s property development projects.

The Fund may also make direct investments in the Oliver Hume Property Funds development vehicles. The Fund may also invest in cash or cash equivalent investments, interest bearing securities and other short term liquid investments. The Fund generates income from its investments, primarily from the interest payments made by Oliver Hume Property Funds development vehicles.


Investment highlights


Application price

AUD$1.00 per unit

Minimum investment

$50,000 with further increments in multiples of $10,000.

Targeted distribution

8.5% per annum**

Distribution payments

Quarterly in arrears

Investment term

3 years

Funds payable

100% on application

Preferred investment status in Oliver Hume Property Funds SPVs

Investors in the fund (and in other funds which come with preferred investment status) will be given an opportunity to invest in future Oliver Hume Property Funds sole purpose development vehicles on a preferential basis ahead of investors who are not Preferential Fund Investors (subject to scaling back by Oliver Hume Property Funds, depending on the level of interest in an offer).



Important information

This fund is subject to certain risks, which are set out in the offer document. The target return is a target only and is not promised or guaranteed. 

The fund is open to recipients who qualify as “sophisticated investors” and “professional investors” under the Corporations Act. This information has been prepared as general information only and does not take into account the investment objectives, financial situation or needs of a particular person. Applications to invest must be made on an application form attached to the offer document. An investment in the Oliver Hume Australia Foundation Fund (Series 6) is subject to risks. Investors should consider the offer documents before making an investment decision.

**Indicative return only and subject to several assumptions and risks, set out in the offer document.