Who is Oliver Hume?

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Oliver Hume specialises in the delivery of new residential property developments throughout Australia. For over 70 years, we have been offering expert services to the development industry which include:


Project Marketing

Project and Corporate Advisory

Property Fund Syndication

Development Site Sales and Acquisitions 

Property and Asset Management


Led by residential property specialists, Oliver Hume's success is attributed to an ethos of honesty and trust which is observed in the long-standing partnerships that have forged over the years of service to the industry.


We pride ourselves on innovation and diligence, our acclaimed market intelligence, which is made up of years of data and technology, provides unparalleled insight into the Australian residential property market.


Our research experts have developed and built intelligent tools that allow us to understand the data as well as forecast future market conditions.


At every stage of the development cycle, we aim to reduce costs and save valuable time and ensure that we only take on and deliver projects that provide our clients and buyers with the most significant potential for long-term success.


You can feel confident that the opportunities presented to you have been thoroughly researched, carefully considered and meet our extraordinary standards.


Our values





We develop solutions and continue to find and explore enhanced ways of doing business. We seek excellence in all we do.




All our people are leaders in their own right. They learn from leaders, they lead others, they lead projects, tasks and processes. We lead in the industry.



We do as we say

We build trust and deliver on our commitments. Our relationships are honest and built on respect and loyalty. We commit and deliver on what we know we can achieve. We keep our word.




We are relentless in pursuit of the best outcome for our clients. Our people treat their positions within Oliver Hume as if it were their business, continuously improving, learning and achieving excellence.